The Postman


The day it sinks in that the Gospel, and NOT the believer, is the power of God unto salvation, is the day you will be liberated from self and fear to share the gospel of Jesus to this world. I pray that today will be that day. Pause, and think about that.  Many times we fail to share the gospel because we feel we are not qualified, we are not pastors, or we are not good at convincing people. We fail to understand that the power to get someone saved, lies not in the messenger, but in the message.

1 Peter 1: 23,25  tells us that the Word, which we are born again through when we receive Christ, is contained in the Gospel which is preached. The power lies therein. Even though Jesus told the disciples to take the gospel to the world , He told them not to go anywhere before receiving the Holy Spirit because He had spoken of Him as the one who will do the convicting and the convincing work through you, not you. (John 16:8). If Jesus knew the disciples were capable of saving souls in their own strength, surely He would have let them start right at that time.

So, we are working with the Word and the Spirit as postmen to deliver messages to the world. How will you get your letter unless the postman delivers it to you? You know the frustration when the post office is not working.  How will they believe unless they hear the Word being preached by those who have been sent?(All believers)(Romans 10:14).  The power to change them, is in the Word and the Spirit, just deliver the message. Do not stand in the way. Rely on Him to show you what to do.

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