Live 24/7 by faith

"Humans live by breathing." It means you can't just decide to breathe when you want to or when it suits you, but all the time. THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. This calls for a continuous act of indulging in the Word of God because, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God."

Peninah’s poke.

Peninah Spirit. There are people in and around your life whose main aim is to make fun of you,cause you to worry and ridicule you and the unfruitfulness in your life (1Samuel 1v 6). It can be unfruitfulness in your career, fertility, marriage, walk with God, etc. Like Hannah, get to your knees and pray... Continue Reading →

Leap at your own pace.

A 24 year old man and a 24 month old boy child are both 100% human beings BUT they can't both jump over a meter long hole. It's not that you aren't gifted, anointed, knowledgeable, born- again etc- SOME THINGS NEED you TO GROW A LITTLE in order to be ready for them. We are... Continue Reading →

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