Peninah’s poke.

Peninah Spirit. There are people in and around your life whose main aim is to make fun of you,cause you to worry and ridicule you and the unfruitfulness in your life (1Samuel 1v 6). It can be unfruitfulness in your career, fertility, marriage, walk with God, etc. Like Hannah, get to your knees and pray for your life. Talk to God about it and be still as you wait for HIM to fend for you. Don’t fight Peninah in your own strength. Perhaps, if Peninah hadn’t poked you, you would still be comfortable in your unfruitfulness. Let Peninah mock you to your knees, nowhere else, otherwise you will remain both unfruitful and bitter. #LiveLoveLaugh_TT

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  1. This is very powerful T, thank you for sharing and i am looking forward to buying and reading your book, I have already created space for it in my library.

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