Celebrate YOU

"There you go Miss. Congratulations on your title deed." Cindy smiled as she took the papers from the clerk's hands at the deed office. She had always pictured this moment and it wasn't playing out the way she had dreamed. Where is that feeling of excitement? Where is the brass band or the heavenly angels... Continue Reading →

Stories that get us through

Stories that got us through I have so many stories that helped me get through certain things in life and I in turn got to help others with the stories in my life...... well, that is what I believe 🙂 The thing about these stories is,they are real. They are not fiction. They are not... Continue Reading →

You are no super hero

I spent a considerable amount of time in the past months reading up, no, browsing through past students' dissertations as a way of assisting myself  with my current studies. At the beginning of every paper, there is a page set aside for dedications and acknowledgements; this is a common practice in most of the books... Continue Reading →

21 days later- The story of time

" Fellow South African...", a phrase our president Cyril Ramaphosa often says when he is about to relay an important message to the country. He did so about three weeks ago, telling us of the state's decision to enforce a lock down. Back then, 21 days seemed like it would be so long. 21 days... Continue Reading →

What are you thinking?

Throw Back Post

Tshidi Tseke

Someone once said, “Thoughts are previews of future attractions.” I don’t quite remember who but I do remember these words sticking to my mind. Thoughts are very powerful. Whatever you spend your time focusing on, replaying in your mind or entertaining has a way of appearing in your actions. Fear uses thoughts to gain power over a person. Faith also grows through meditation…which is practically thinking about something over and over again-in this case, the Word of God.

Give attention to the things you think about, because they have the power to influence your actions. You cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from laying eggs on your head. Thoughts might pop into your mind because of things you see, hear, experience etc. But that doesn’t mean you need to entertain the thoughts until they have built a hold over you, enough to…

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SA Locked Down

We are living in interesting times. Who would have thought? Most of us have never seen the operations of soldiers patrolling the streets and ensuring people stay in their homes. South Africans in their numbers have never witnessed a war- yet here we are, in battle with corona virus. As you will be locked in,... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus vs You.

One of the many things I love about being born again and a Bible believing Christian is that I have a hope and assurance inside of me about God's protection that gives me peace and hope. A few weeks back I was led to read Psalm 91. I had honestly not read it in such... Continue Reading →

Words do have power…

I remember a visit from my colleagues from work after we lost our baby. Around that time we were getting  a number of visitors , as it is common from both our christian and African culture for people to see you during your time of loss. At times, such a time becomes awkward for both... Continue Reading →

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