Even when they crashed.

I would like to meet someone who has never failed at anything. If you are that person, please, respond back to this blog I want to frame you and put you in a museum or  sell you for quintillion  dollars. We have all failed at something, but it is not everyone who learns from their... Continue Reading →

The Postman

The day it sinks in that the Gospel, and NOT the believer, is the power of God unto salvation, is the day you will be liberated from self and fear to share the gospel of Jesus to this world. I pray… Source: The Postman

Just bury me alive now.

  I am almost certain that there isn’t a single person who can boldly say that they have never made a mistake or had an embarrassing moment in their life. This is something that all human beings go through, even from a young age. Twenty something year old me has gone through hundreds if not... Continue Reading →

This is personal.

  From the outside, some people who look at Christianity see it as a group of people who gather because they have decided to conform to certain norms and standards with which they will govern their lives. A group of people who are not supposed to smoke, drink, curse and who offer exorbitant amounts of... Continue Reading →

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