Just bury me alive now.



I am almost certain that there isn’t a single person who can boldly say that they have never made a mistake or had an embarrassing moment in their life. This is something that all human beings go through, even from a young age.

Twenty something year old me has gone through hundreds if not thousands of these moments. I don’t even know how I managed. Some moments really made me feel like I could just bury myself alive, flush myself down the drain  or take a huge eraser and obliterate the memory from the minds of people as I, at that time, felt like there was no bouncing back or coming out of it.  Most of us then tend to make decisions that might affect our future in a bad way because of a situation that is embarrassing or is a major mistake. At times, we wallow in these moments for far too long, stealing from the present day’s joy and moments that should be cherished.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that, these things definitely pass. I mean, how many of us really remember that embarrassing moment of 25 February 1998 in a way that still gets us embarrassed today?  If you do remember some of these things, they now serve as lessons that have made you know and do better or as jokes and stories you tell people with a good laugh. This will be the same about the mistakes and embarrassing moments of today. Be it at work, church , with family etc. They too will pass, so do not beat yourself much about them.

I have learnt to just give them over to God, like my worries, so as to not let my heart get troubled and steal any joy from the day (John 14v1). It is very important to rid your heart of turbulence.  So today, whatever mistake you make, whatever embarrassing moment, please do not dwell on it with much trouble. Give it to God and move on. Who doesn’t make mistakes anyway? Cheer up!


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