Even when they crashed.


I would like to meet someone who has never failed at anything. If you are that person, please, respond back to this blog I want to frame you and put you in a museum or  sell you for quintillion  dollars. We have all failed at something, but it is not everyone who learns from their failure and set backs.

I watch a lot of Mayday – Plane crash investigations.  Most of the crashes are dated 90s and back. Some of the failures that cause these crashes were not due to negligence or laziness to check things  on the side of the maintenance engineers. In most cases it , it was because they did not cater for something because they simply did not know it was an issue, despite doing the best they could. They had never encountered those condittons. After every crash and fault finding process , they became aware of certain things and then changed the aviation standards of all other planes.  It is unfortunate that many lives were lost in this process but because of this planes are a hundred times safer today that they were 20 years ago.

Imagine if after all crashes they just shut the airplane company up and gave up, saying things like “ Man was not meant to fly in the first place anyway, this thing is killing our people”  Where would we be today? Instead, they have found better ways of improving things.

The same goes for your Christian walk with God. At first you may feel like you are failing to do somethings, failing to be disciplined in your prayer and reading of the word or to grow in the fruit of the spirit but you should not let that cause you to give up completely. Get up and try again. I have never seen a parent beat the blood out of a child who is still learning to walk when they fall. Surely God is there for you too to help you get up when you reach your low point. Get up again, even when you have crashed.

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  1. Ausi Tshidu dumela,

    Thanks for reminding us of the Fathers love and his willingness to partner with us daily.

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