104 Sermons- Brother Rocky

We all know brother Rocky. He has his special chair at church and is the epitome of exuberance. He is one of those brothers who shout, “Amen” in a peculiar way you know it is him without even looking. Before the pastor can finish off his quote on Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply... Continue Reading →

104 Sermons: UNEXPECTED

"Im sitting in church, something that is not unusual for me to do. I am used to it by now, I mean, I have been doing this most of my life. This particular guest preacher who is sharing the Word, I know. I was never really fascinated by her sermons in the past so I'm... Continue Reading →

104 Sermons-In the ground.

    As a young girl, I used to plant seeds.  I wasn't a farmer, I was just amazed by the   fact that I could put something inside the ground and in a few week's time there would be a  bud protruding from the ground and in a couple of month's  time, fruits or... Continue Reading →

104 Sermons

There are about 52 Sundays in a year and most churches have Wednesday services and conferences here and there. If we tally all of these we have a minimum of approximately 104 times at which an average believer finds themselves sitting down to listen to someone preach every single year. 104 Sermons! I asked myself... Continue Reading →

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