104 Sermons-In the ground.


As a young girl, I used to plant seeds.  I wasn’t a farmer, I was just amazed by the   fact that I could put something inside the ground and in a few week’s time there would be a  bud protruding from the ground and in a couple of month’s  time, fruits or corn would be evident.

I could plant almost anything, in the right season and it would grow.  Yes, you guessed it, I grew up in Limpopo, fertile soil galore. I have now lived in Cape Town for a good eight years and I doubt I can do the same exercise  because the soil here is as sandy as sandy can be.  Nothing much grows here.  I have seen most houses struggle to just keep their lawn green, if it managed to grow.

As with any seed,  the Word of God has to be planted into good soil for it to germinate and produce  fruits that last.  My method of planting those seeds has never been to put the seed on top of the ground and leave it, hoping it would one day grow.  I always cultivated the small piece of land, put the seed inside the ground, and this would be followed by days of irrigation.

For us to show forth fruits from the 104Sermons, the seed of the Word needs to penetrate our spirits and hearts and we need to digest it and meditate on it so it can begin to grow and produce itself in our lives. Just sitting in a place where seeds are thrown around doesn’t mean the seed will penetrate.

Next we will look at the parable of the sower, why some grounds yielded nothing, why some almost yielded fruits and why some yielded 100-fold. We are in the business  of producing fruit that last.

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