104 Sermons- Brother Rocky


We all know brother Rocky. He has his special chair at church and is the epitome of exuberance. He is one of those brothers who shout, “Amen” in a peculiar way you know it is him without even looking. Before the pastor can finish off his quote on Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your …”, brother Rocky has already interjected by shouting “… your needs according to His riches in glory. AMEN”

Such expectation, such excitement, such zeal!!! These are great to have when one is receiving the Word. In the weeks to follow, however, brother Rocky goes through a terrible financial crisis. While Rocky remembers the Word he shouted in church, days go by without him seeing any sign that God will really supply all his needs. At some point, he has almost forgotten about that promise, and off he goes to closest loan shark, putting his wedding ring as insurance and telling his wife he lost it.

Brother Rocky, like those who receive the Word upon a rocky soil, receive the Word gladly. They can even quote all the scriptures for you. But the Word has not dwelt in their hearts. They have not meditated on it until they believe it without a shadow of doubt. It is probably just in their memory, so they are able to speak fluent Christianese. But when temptations rise, lo and behold, the excitement of the seminar has long past, the Word is forgotten

Every time you hear the Word which is inspired by the Holy Spirit, sit down with it, study it further.  Think about it, meditate on it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you apply it in your everyday life. Pray about it. Let it take root. Roots don’t jump from place to place, they dwell. Therefore, if you want the Word to bear fruit in your life, dwell on it and the Spirit of God will help you. The Word will definitely keep you in all.

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