104 Sermons

preacher man

There are about 52 Sundays in a year and most churches have Wednesday services and conferences here and there. If we tally all of these we have a minimum of approximately 104 times at which an average believer finds themselves sitting down to listen to someone preach every single year.

104 Sermons! I asked myself this; when people look at my life, do they see the 104 sermons I receive yearly? Isn’t the Word of God supposed to shape me into Christ?  When I move onto the following year, do I move with the faith which is supposed to come from hearing the Word, or do I continue with the same old self that has slightly improved here and there, going in the same circle in life?

“Forever learning but never coming to the knowledge of truth…”- 2 Timothy 3:7

Could it be that most of us are really living in the days Paul spoke of? Forever learning but never really growing? Jumping from one HOT conference to another POWERFUL one but hardly remembering what the preacher said and what we did about it?  Is it the thorn infested hard hearts we carry that prevents the Word of God from penetrating us in order to grow us and in us? Or is it that we gathered for ourselves teachers that will satisfy our itchy ears? Teachers that have watered down the seed of God’s Words that what we actually are receiving during sermons is fables and not the Word that makes us grow? (2 Tim 4:3)

Join me in the following weeks as we explore how we can get the most out of the Word we receive from sermons and our personal bible study time with the Lord and also have a passionate desire for the true Word instead of fables that suit our preferences.

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