Township dog vs Lion: Which are you?

I once listened to a lady talking about running after what you want instead of running after everything and anything that comes your way. She made an analogy of a township dog versus a lion. Specific description is made on the dog because, those who are familiar with this, will know about a township dog’s... Continue Reading →

What are you chasing ?

  I remember sleeping over at a friend’s place and that particular day I was very exhausted. I hardly ever sleep when I visit friends. I am usually the last one to fall asleep but that day I was dozing off in the middle of our conversation -hearing bits and pieces of what she was saying... Continue Reading →

Till the bones become an army

A throw back post today. Do not give up on what God has promised you.

Tshidi Tseke

It is often eas​y​ to have faith​ in God ​ for something when there is still hope (often tangible) that what you are trusting God for will come to pass. ​W​hat happens when all hope is removed? When the little girl in Mark 5:41 dies and you have no record of God ever resurrecting a promise back to life?

“Talitha cumi” Jesus said, meaning little girl rise. The girl was dead, but when THE WORD was released she rose up to life instantly. You may have experienced this in your life; where against all hope God came through instantly in a situation you had just pronounced dead.

​W​hat happens when the promise “stays dead” for longer than expected, and you, like Lazarus’ sisters​,​ have no record of God raising promises after a couple of days/months? All they had ever seen was Jesus raising people instantly. What do you do?​ ​

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Been a minute

Dear reader It has been a minute since I've put down anything this side, hasn't it? I am glad to be back in the writing scene. I had hoped that by the time I return I would be functioning under my own website and domain but it is not the case; until then, we will... Continue Reading →

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