Township dog vs Lion: Which are you?


I once listened to a lady talking about running after what you want instead of running after everything and anything that comes your way. She made an analogy of a township dog versus a lion. Specific description is made on the dog because, those who are familiar with this, will know about a township dog’s general behaviour versus well bred ‘suburb’ dogs. I am talking about those dogs you bump into at the taxi rank, that all look the same, running after tissue paper this minute, then a banging taxi the next minute because it has lost interest in the tissue paper. At the end of the day, it has run after so many things but most probably caught none.


On the other side we have a lion. I do not really watch animal planet but from the few scenes I have seen of a lion chasing a zeal of zebras, it often seems like it just charges on towards the zeal and catches whichever one it can get. Actually, the lion watches and studies them first, to see which one it will go for and by the time it takes off, it may seem like it is running after all of them , but it is actually running after one. The lion will run after that specific one until it catches it.


Jeremiah 29 v11 tells us that God has plans for us to give us an expected end, Expected! Between the lion and the dog, who has an expected end in mind? The lion does. So today I encourage you in your ways; do not just go about life running after anything that comes your way. Today you want to be this and tomorrow that because your friend does it or because it is in fashion. Write your vision as the bible says, run after those specific things and leave everything else that doesn’t go with it. God will bless your expected end.

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