What are you chasing ?



I remember sleeping over at a friend’s place and that particular day I was very exhausted. I hardly ever sleep when I visit friends. I am usually the last one to fall asleep but that day I was dozing off in the middle of our conversation -hearing bits and pieces of what she was saying – shem. She then mentioned something about transforming into the image of Christ and lo and behold, I don’t know how I heard that part but I did and I jumped straight up and starting talking about that like I just drank Redbull for like an hour until she fell asleep.

Jesus Christ! If there is one thing that will make me stay in a church, it is the fact that they preach only Jesus and our need to transform by HIS GRACE into His image. That’s all I ever look for really. How His Word, fellowship of the Holy Spirit, power and ministry of the fivefold ministry is meant to shape me into becoming more like Christ. Give me this and I know I am headed in the right direction.

We are living in a generation where we focus more about attaining things from God than growing into Christ. It is very easy to get “blessed “ from a service where you were just told that you will receive R1 million the entire service than be “blessed” from a service where you were told that through His grace you can be as Jesus is in His character, power and wealth. You see the difference between the two is that even though  in the end you may get the R1 million either way, the former can lead to a place where one no longer cares about the source of the R1 million, as long as you get it,  while the latter is always hidden in Christ

I can write novels on this topic but for now I would like to leave you with this question; Do you seek Jesus Christ and to know Him for yourself when you go to church? Or is it just about what you can get, who you could meet and what would make you feel good? What are you chasing after?



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  1. IF He never give me anything, i thank Him for forgiving me. No greater love than this. He gave His Life. His is clearly untammable, nothing can compare to HIM.

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