Been a minute


Dear reader

It has been a minute since I’ve put down anything this side, hasn’t it? I am glad to be back in the writing scene. I had hoped that by the time I return I would be functioning under my own website and domain but it is not the case; until then, we will continue here.

Today’s entry is aimed at encouraging you as the reader to continue to cultivate your own personal relationship with God. It is so easy to believe that you are strong and on fire for the Lord when you are around people who walk and talk like you, only to find that you will end up walking differently in other areas where there is no one from church.

We often wonder how someone who was so on fire for God, say at Student Christian Fellowship in varsity, ends up falling off the rails when they get into the working environment. How someone who left a Christian home on fire  ends up being part of the notorious girls in varsity. It is very important to keep fellowship with other brethren as the bible states, but far more importantly is to cultivate and understand your own walk with God.

This will help you even when serving in the local church God has placed you in. People will offend you, the pastor may not always compliment your hard work and may sometimes disregard it. If your relationship with God is dependant on their approval, support and understanding , you will quickly falter. Learn to stand strong in the Lord knowing that at the end of the day, everyone will be accountable for their own walk with God( 2Cor 5v10)


6 thoughts on “Been a minute

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  1. Hi Tshidi It is good hearing from you again. We have been missing drinking from your well. Do not be weary in doing good and the business of your father. We love you and miss you.

  2. Power Ammunition, it feel good to hear from you again.

    This here is very true , we need to learn to stand in hand with God himself, rely on him fully coz he will never fail or disappoint us.

    Thank you.

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