The magician’s tricks

I remember a time when I was in Grade 1, a magician visited our school. My parents had told me not to go because "ke dilo tja Sathane" (the devil's things)😁but somehow I was convinced that my teachers would punish me if I didnt attend this magician's session that the entire school seemed to be... Continue Reading →

Plenty of fish for all of us

One thing that stresses people out is thinking that there is no more fish in the sea. If you have a burning and genuine desire to do something, then someone else breaks out in the same field, we tend to think that the person has taken up all the market we were meant to impact... Continue Reading →

God is our advantage!

I studied mechanical engineering, which is historically a white and male dominated field. This means that many of us (black people) practicing in the field do not have fathers or grandfathers who practiced this, who understand these concepts or might even have companies. This is why we were "previous disadvantaged" when we got to varsity.... Continue Reading →

Celebrate YOU

"There you go Miss. Congratulations on your title deed." Cindy smiled as she took the papers from the clerk's hands at the deed office. She had always pictured this moment and it wasn't playing out the way she had dreamed. Where is that feeling of excitement? Where is the brass band or the heavenly angels... Continue Reading →

Stories that get us through

Stories that got us through I have so many stories that helped me get through certain things in life and I in turn got to help others with the stories in my life...... well, that is what I believe 🙂 The thing about these stories is,they are real. They are not fiction. They are not... Continue Reading →

You are no super hero

I spent a considerable amount of time in the past months reading up, no, browsing through past students' dissertations as a way of assisting myself  with my current studies. At the beginning of every paper, there is a page set aside for dedications and acknowledgements; this is a common practice in most of the books... Continue Reading →

21 days later- The story of time

" Fellow South African...", a phrase our president Cyril Ramaphosa often says when he is about to relay an important message to the country. He did so about three weeks ago, telling us of the state's decision to enforce a lock down. Back then, 21 days seemed like it would be so long. 21 days... Continue Reading →

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