The magician’s tricks

I remember a time when I was in Grade 1, a magician visited our school. My parents had told me not to go because “ke dilo tja Sathane” (the devil’s things)😁but somehow I was convinced that my teachers would punish me if I didnt attend this magician’s session that the entire school seemed to be attending. I remember sitting there in the crowd, telling myself that I am just here so I dont get punished, but I dont believe in this thing. That is until the magician said everyone should shout “dipampiri” (papers) on a count of three. Anyone who doesnt shout that, will have their clothes dissapear on them and they will find them at home. Eh!!!😅 I was perplexed. Was I going to risk it? I didnt believe in it, but I found myself in that environment. Fear got the better of me and I ended up being amongst the crowd that shouted, “dipampiri.” I have noticed one thing that is prevalent in how our modern day magicians in the CHURCH work….it is very similar to what I experienced on that one sunny afternoon. If the “man of god” tells you that for you to “receive” healing, or wealth etc you need to shout this, or bend, or whatever…..or if they tell you that if you dont do one or two or three, then god is going to curse you…… and you find yourself in that environment, fear can propel you to do things you wouldnt otherwise do because you are desperate for help and you fear the consequences of not doing what they tell you to do. FEAR is at the center of manipulation.

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