Stories that get us through

Stories that got us through

I have so many stories that helped me get through certain things in life and I in turn got to help others with the stories in my life…… well, that is what I believe 🙂

The thing about these stories is,they are real. They are not fiction. They are not like like your famous telenovela that is scripted with an known end. These stories are real.

I believe we all have a story to tell. Sometimes our very own stories help us through to the next stage. Never go in on life’s journey absent minded. Always look around for the flowers you can collect to create memories with. Take mental pictures of the scenary of life, make note of what people say to you and how they help you. Be aware of the things that surround you. As you do so, you are collecting lines that make up your story. And whether it was a hard one or or great one … one day you will tell it, and it will help someone else out there.

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