Stranger in my home

Things are no longer the same. The other day I had a dream that got me thinking about the state of things in the era we are living in. I remember bits and pieces of it but the main thing was how I was approached by two gentlemen at a mall. Initially they were wearing... Continue Reading →

Hope amidst uncertainties.

When Themba was in matric, hopes and dreams were easy to have because he hadn’t experienced the difficulties of this world. He hadn’t failed a course as yet, hadn’t been sent a, “ we regret to inform you that…” unsuccessful letter from that company he had always dreamed of working for. Dreams- they became even... Continue Reading →

Then and now- 23 June

(our situation won't be like this forever, God will change it) "Seemo  sa rena se ka se dule se le bjale, Morena o tla se fetola" 23 June 2018 I held the lifeless body of my daughter after 28 hours of labour and an hour of delivery, who we later had to bury- proper select... Continue Reading →

Live 24/7 by faith

"Humans live by breathing." It means you can't just decide to breathe when you want to or when it suits you, but all the time. THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. This calls for a continuous act of indulging in the Word of God because, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God."

Peninah’s poke.

Peninah Spirit. There are people in and around your life whose main aim is to make fun of you,cause you to worry and ridicule you and the unfruitfulness in your life (1Samuel 1v 6). It can be unfruitfulness in your career, fertility, marriage, walk with God, etc. Like Hannah, get to your knees and pray... Continue Reading →

Leap at your own pace.

A 24 year old man and a 24 month old boy child are both 100% human beings BUT they can't both jump over a meter long hole. It's not that you aren't gifted, anointed, knowledgeable, born- again etc- SOME THINGS NEED you TO GROW A LITTLE in order to be ready for them. We are... Continue Reading →

What are you thinking?

Someone once said, "Thoughts are previews of future attractions." I don't quite remember who but I do remember these words sticking to my mind. Thoughts are very powerful. Whatever you spend your time focusing on, replaying in your mind or entertaining has a way of appearing in your actions. Fear uses thoughts to gain power... Continue Reading →

There is still some good out there.

With everything that is happening in the world today, the rise of false prophets, gimmicks, pastors sexually and emotionally abusing young church members and doing things for financial gain, young people killing each other when they are supposed to be playing soccer in the street - it is very easy to think that the church... Continue Reading →

Jump start recharge

Like a car, it is not unusual for a child of God to need a jump start here and there, a little word of encouragement when their inner source has run dry, a powerful sermon to kick start a hunger for the Word of God inside, a friend’s prayer to set you in the right... Continue Reading →

Words in season.

I was sitting in the dark during a power outage the other day when my phone rang. It was a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and her name across the screen bringing a smile to my face. What started off as being a, “I was just saying hello’ type of call, or... Continue Reading →

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