Celebrate YOU

ND7Dn8ty“There you go Miss. Congratulations on your title deed.” Cindy smiled as she took the papers from the clerk’s hands at the deed office. She had always pictured this moment and it wasn’t playing out the way she had dreamed. Where is that feeling of excitement? Where is the brass band or the heavenly angels singing? Instead, she walked out of the office and into her car as if she had just paid for a bag of tomatoes – with no feeling of accomplishment.

“God, what is the point of having a fully paid house if I do not have a husband or children to celebrate this with. I am almost 40 so it is probably expected for me to pay off an asset. No big deal.”

There are times in life where we rob ourselves of the moment to celebrate good things because we either have the Imposter Syndrome (feeling we don’t deserve it and that what we achieved was by chance), or because we have so many other things going wrong in life that they overshadow the good things that are happening in our lives.  These good things can be something as big as paying off a house or as small as harvesting the first batch from your back-yard vegetable garden.

The ability to count stock of the things you achieve in your life will help you to cultivate a grateful heart, to grow in contentment and to also know where you have pull your socks and work harder. The ability to allow yourself to celebrate small and big victories will enable you to fuel yourself up to achieve more things in life. So, take time today and celebrate the good things that are happening in your life.


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  1. This was so timeous. Thank you for the reminder that I am also worthy of celebration and that the best person to celebrate me is me.

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