When they want to limit you

” There is no one earth who can do what the king has asked, it can only be done by the gods and they do not live among us humans. Also, there is no king that has ever asked for such” (Daniel 2:10-11 paraphased.

Quickly read Daniel 2 to get the background to this story if you are unfamiliar with it. This was a response from the magicians and astrologers that king Nebuchadnezzar brought before himself to first tell him what he dreamt, then interprete it. To cut the long story short , Daniel ended up interpreting the vision the vision after telling the king what he dreamt – thus doing what the Chaldeans said could not be done by any one on earth.

Many of us have the Chaldeans in our lives that seek to impose their limitations onto us. At times, we could also be acting as Chaldeans in other people’s lives. Just because something is deemed impossible to achieve in the eyes of man, that does not mean it is impossible to accomplish if you have God by your side. So,do you have something that God told you to do and someone (including yourself) told you that it is impossible to do it? Revisit it prayerfully and like Daniel and his friends, pray unto God to enable you to do it. Nothing is impossible with God.

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