There is still some good out there.

With everything that is happening in the world today, the rise of false prophets, gimmicks, pastors sexually and emotionally abusing young church members and doing things for financial gain, young people killing each other when they are supposed to be playing soccer in the street - it is very easy to think that the church... Continue Reading →

Jump start recharge

Like a car, it is not unusual for a child of God to need a jump start here and there, a little word of encouragement when their inner source has run dry, a powerful sermon to kick start a hunger for the Word of God inside, a friend’s prayer to set you in the right... Continue Reading →

Words in season.

I was sitting in the dark during a power outage the other day when my phone rang. It was a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and her name across the screen bringing a smile to my face. What started off as being a, “I was just saying hello’ type of call, or... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Egyptians

The year 2018 seems to have been an interesting year for most people I know, more challenging than anything else. That seemed to be the prevalent theme in most people's journeys. For some, it was also a life changing year where a number of life changing decisions or steps were made; where milestones where met... Continue Reading →

Keep on driving.

  Remember when you first drove a car? Most of us were scared and hoped we could be the only ones on the road just to relief the pressure of having to look out for other motorists. Remember how the car “cut” most of the time when you were supposed to pull off from the... Continue Reading →

Win this women’s month

I am yet to meet a person who has lived this life alone from the word go! From birth, it is clear that one needs people around to help navigate through this journey of life. Live Love and Love blog is all about telling stories that uplift, teach and inspire people firstly to see and... Continue Reading →

Reflections from the writer.

When I was in primary school. I never thought high school would come so soon. Life seemed to be a very long journey that took it’s time to unfold. Then high school came and passed and I found myself in varsity. It was all well and nice until my final years. Because I had repeated... Continue Reading →

Unknown Location – Part 2

Continued from Unknown location Part 1 A few days passed on and by now a million thoughts had gone through my mind about how a day that started out so well could bring me to this unknown location. I had no idea where in the world I was, all I knew is that I had... Continue Reading →

Unknown Location

I remember it like it was yesterday. I received a phone call from a Miss Johnston about a job interview. It was a Friday afternoon and I was not expecting calls from companies as it was almost close of business. I had been job hunting for a while now so I knew the drill; it... Continue Reading →

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