I remember you too…

  Stuck on what seemed like a Cape to Cairo train ride home, Thando whipped out her phone to pass time. She had been feeling a bit empty of late and distant from God. She decided to go through her emails in search of a devotion or any christian-ish article that would hopefully cheer her... Continue Reading →

Public, Secret Lives. – 1

4am- the alarm went off. The night seemed very short but he had to wake up and pray. That was his daily schedule. Just as he laid in bed a few seconds after hearing the irritatingly loud alarm, bargaining with himself and God on whether he needed to wake up, a loud repeated bang erupted... Continue Reading →

Sho’t Left-Home.

“Sho't left!”  I shouted with a shaky voice. I had finally arrived after four hours on the road. And there it was – Vilakazi street. The sight of this slightly obliterated street sign in Soweto could only mean one thing - I was finally home. It had been a few months since I left, twenty-four... Continue Reading →

Eita 2018!

It is a new year and it has been such a long time since I wrote down something in this blog. I say in this blog because I am forever writing, anywhere and at anytime. I have realized that it is something that I have always loved to do. Growing up I was one of... Continue Reading →

Is my story safe in your mouth?

  Have you ever heard something bad about someone and almost immediately your perception about them changes? I can assure you most of us have; it takes a great deal of maturity for what you hear not to affect your thoughts. Say I confide in Tswelopele to say I have been having problems with, for... Continue Reading →

He’ll do it again!

I have an archive of testimonies. I have seen God through a lot of things. I have seen miracles, answered prayers and His love through it all. I could write a book of testimonies only. I sometimes look back at these testimonies, especially when I need encouragement to say, “If He did it then, He... Continue Reading →

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