Sho’t Left-Home.

“Sho't left!”  I shouted with a shaky voice. I had finally arrived after four hours on the road. And there it was – Vilakazi street. The sight of this slightly obliterated street sign in Soweto could only mean one thing - I was finally home. It had been a few months since I left, twenty-four... Continue Reading →

Eita 2018!

It is a new year and it has been such a long time since I wrote down something in this blog. I say in this blog because I am forever writing, anywhere and at anytime. I have realized that it is something that I have always loved to do. Growing up I was one of... Continue Reading →

Is my story safe in your mouth?

  Have you ever heard something bad about someone and almost immediately your perception about them changes? I can assure you most of us have; it takes a great deal of maturity for what you hear not to affect your thoughts. Say I confide in Tswelopele to say I have been having problems with, for... Continue Reading →

He’ll do it again!

I have an archive of testimonies. I have seen God through a lot of things. I have seen miracles, answered prayers and His love through it all. I could write a book of testimonies only. I sometimes look back at these testimonies, especially when I need encouragement to say, “If He did it then, He... Continue Reading →

I remember you.

The days of sweet communion with Him seem like a distant memory. You were once there at some point in time; you can almost touch how it used to feel to be locked in your room, without a grain of distraction and just enjoy His presence and love. “Those were the days”, you say in... Continue Reading →

Misplaced Approval

"If you are still waiting for validation from another, you will probably not get ahead in life. " Is this one of those easier said than done statements? I mean, almost everyone if not all of us have had some kind of episode where we needed someone’s approval. It may have been directly or indirectly, but... Continue Reading →

Even when they crashed.

I would like to meet someone who has never failed at anything. If you are that person, please, respond back to this blog I want to frame you and put you in a museum or  sell you for quintillion  dollars. We have all failed at something, but it is not everyone who learns from their... Continue Reading →

The Postman

The day it sinks in that the Gospel, and NOT the believer, is the power of God unto salvation, is the day you will be liberated from self and fear to share the gospel of Jesus to this world. I pray… Source: The Postman

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