Healing emotional wounds and scars (Emotional wellbeing)

It is easy to notice when your body is not well or is injured. When that happens one usually takes the necessary steps to ensure healing and to avoid further deterioration that may come from things like infections when the wound is not attended to. We also often take preventative measures such as pap smears, full body assessments at the doctor, exercise, eating well etc. to ensure a healthy body. We also, intentionally pray for the health of our bodies. Can we say the same about our soul? Can we say the same about the spirit man? The Bible tells us that we are made of body, soul and spirit and that all should be presented blameless before God. In this session, I discuss emotional well being with Matshepo Mokobake; tools that are found in the Bible that are given to help us navigate the subject of emotional well being and how to heal emotional wounds and scars.

I am also giving away a book titled Colour of my tears – my journey to healing by Morui Shoabi to one viewer. Simply leave a comment on the video and you could be the blessed winner.

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