Stand up out of the sitting box

There is an age old practice that women used to do before the introduction of what is called “bamboo seats” which help infants to get used to sitting and that is to put them inside of boxes ,often supported by pillows and filled with toys and the likes. As cosy and comfortable as that might be, the time will come for the baby – who is now used to this 4 sided world where toys are within reach and falling down is a myth- to come out of the box so that they can learn to crawl , stand and eventually walk. When this time comes , it is in the best interest of the baby that the mother takes the baby out of this box and not keep them there and definitely not try and find a bigger box. The child has to come out and the first few days and weeks things will be different. Toys will no longer be within reach and there will definitely be more falling and bumping into this.

Most of us wonder why things seemed easier at some point but as we grow, we find that certain things that we used to just stretch our hands to reach, we now have to take a few steps with bumps and slips in order to reach. The process of growing in God involves coming out of the box where you were comfortable with all nice things within reach. God is taking some of you out of the box and as you begin to experience this shift in your walk with God, do not despair – God is still with you. As any parent, He is right behind you to catch you as you fall. All good parents put toys away from their children to encourage movement. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. You have to come out of the sitting box.

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