A call for prayer

Lately I have been feeling and thinking a lot about prayer and spiritual warfare. I believe God has been speaking to me a lot on this, to know who the real enemy is and to know how to fight. How to fight to enforce all of His promises upon my life, that of my family and the people around me. The reality of the spiritual world is something that we may forget about as we are inundated with the pressures and busy-ness of this physical world- BUT- it is very important to focus our eyes on the Lord and be mindful of His ways.

A call to prayer

Most of the problems we face are spiritual even though they can manifest in various ways in the physical such as a troublesome kid, toxic boss, challenges in marriages and various relationships, sickness, bad money habits etc. It is time that you take all your issues, big and small to GOD and let HIM help you through everything.

The enemy definitely doesn’t want us knowing that he fights. He wants us to think things are ‘normal’ so that you don’t pray. Things move when you open your mouth to pray because that is how God chose to work things with us ono earth. Prayer in faith moves mountains – but if you do not know that you are facing a mountain, you will never pray.

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  1. And you know, when we don’t bring our issues to God, we end up trusting in our own wisdom. Thank you for this reminder

  2. At LGTG Eswatini we are in our prayer month (May). In our virtual cell meetings Tuesdays we are also focused on prayer. Tuesday (May 2) we taught about “What Happens When We Pray” and in our Sunday services, we will be teaching about prayer and also doing the actual praying. Thank you for the reminder. The truth is that the church ought to pray.

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