Obey the coach

In a complex drill formation, such as one performed in drum majorettes or a cheer leading drill, it is very important to do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it. As a participant, you may not be able to see the entire picture and you will probably not stand out of the group when you do your part, however, your performance is pivotal to the overall picture that the coach is trying to demonstrate. No matter how small a part you feel you have, it matters and it is important that you do it well.

Our journey and relationship with God can be likened to the drills mentioned above. God is the one who see and knows the plan that He has for the church – and has called us all to participate in it within our various roles, great and small.  Obedience to the coach’s instructions is very important. It is also equally important to do what you are supposed to do at the right time. Imagine if your role is to catch the cheerleader that just somersaulted in the air, and you only lift up your hands to catch them when they have already crashed on the ground. That will be a painful experience. As much as we can try again, the fact remains that some pain has been experienced. Delayed obedience can have some consequences even though the God we serve can give us various chances to redo somethings. This applies to all areas of our lives – family, career, community, church, etc. So, in this journey of fulfilling God’s purpose together, remember that your part counts, and that you serve us best when you do it and when you do it when you are supposed to do it. Do not delay. Get up and jump.

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