Eita 2018!

It is a new year and it has been such a long time since I wrote down something in this blog. I say in this blog because I am forever writing, anywhere and at anytime. I have realized that it is something that I have always loved to do. Growing up I was one of those kids whose parent’s bibles and books were full of little scribbles of crooked hand-writing and words you could hardly make out the meaning of; not to mention stick men with long, white people’s hair- why?

If they had sold locks for books my parents would have been the first customers.  To assist me with that they bought me tons of coloring, writing and reading books and even got me a library card in my first grade so i can learn the discipline of not writing on other people’s books. My grandfather gave me my first journal ever. It was pure bliss even though I sometimes wrote about how I didn’t like how he shouts at me, in his journal.

So today, it gives me pleasure to start writing again. Thank you for reading my posts and I believe we will have a great 2018 together. All I can say now is , live – love – laugh! Live your life to the fullest. Love with a pure heart. Laugh your lungs because life can be that great.

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  1. Nice blog Tshidi – keep it up…looking forward for more in 2018. I know to some of you 2017 was that year..u know

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