Reflections from the writer.


When I was in primary school. I never thought high school would come so soon. Life seemed to be a very long journey that took it’s time to unfold. Then high school came and passed and I found myself in varsity. It was all well and nice until my final years. Because I had repeated some courses which led to me adding an extra year to my degree, I felt like I would never finish. I just wanted to finish varsity and get a job. I envied everyone who was working and I felt like a granny at varsity. Now, I have a job and I miss varsity days, haha. How I could just bunk without having to tell anyone or not worry about bills. I am almost 30 years old and when I look back at 10 year old me who never thought this day would come, I think about how fast life is moving… how life really waits for no man.

We are now in the 5th month of 2018 and it shows yet again how time flies. May is a special month for me , so many great things in my life happened in May. That is a post for another day. One of the things that I would like to encourage readers to do is to reflect back on your yester-years’ dreams and visions. There are certain things I used to dream about when I was growing up. Things I told myself I would achieve, a life I would live etc.

One thing that suffocates the dreams we had as kids is the challenges we went through in life. As kids, our lives were like a clean sheet of paper. There was no ink that spelled out failure, disappointment, loss, delays etc.  At this point in our lives, the pages of our lives are filled with stories of the above. It becomes difficult to dream, pursue and have a drive with as much fire as we did in the past because we have tried and failed and have been failed.

With that said,there is nothing that should stop you from dreaming again. May this month of May bring revival to your dreams. What I plan to do this month is to revisit all the things I know God had laid in my heart to do with my life that were neglected or abandoned because of a lot of reasons. It is still possible to achieve to goals. Before we know it, I will be 60 years old. So, why not go for it.

Keep your eyes tuned in to this site for more stories of hope  coming up 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing Tumelo. Indeed we should look back and pull those things that we left behind that we need for the future.

  2. I finished this one. 🤣.. true hey i want to get to the part im a millionaire. 😎. Can time fly

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