When the heart becomes your enemy

Dear friends *happy dance

Most of us who are born again can remember what was said to us on the day we got born again, on that glorious day(whoop!) when the seed of the Word of God that Is encapsulated in the gospel (1Pet1:23, 25.Selah) quickened your spirit through the Holy Ghost, and the pastor in front of you shouting “If you believe in your heart da da da and confess with your mouth da da da then you shall be saved, Hallelujah”

”But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;” – Romans 10:8

For some reason, that was the last time most of us saw the heart in full agreement with our mouthL to see the manifestation of the Word(the Word being “You shall be saved” ). Now, all we see is the mouth singing one song and the heart rapping something else, and most of the time, the heart raps something contrary to the Word, while the mouth is spitting scriptures….sounds familiar?

Do you know those Christians who know every scripture, and can quote and say the right scripture to give an answer to all bad problems, but still live defeated lives? Those who know what needs to be done, for example, share the gospel, lay hands on the sick etc, but do not do it. WHY….?? The word is on their mouth, question is, is it in their hearts? Has the Word become who you are?

The Word of faith is not just on the mouth, but in your heart and it is embedded in your heart, and it is the truth of the God and it is unshakable. It is not just in the speaking, I mean, even the devil can quote scriptures. We do not confess the Word a million times because we hope it will be done, but we confess because we know in our hearts it IS done and we speak it into manifestation. [Selah] Now that, bazalwane, is faith.

When calamity strikes, do you  see your heart/inner man all frantic while you are trying to show everyone else with your mouth that you believe by just quoting the right scriptures?…like a duck looking all chilled on top of the water while your feet are busy paddling under the water? How your inner man reacts to things shows you the Word that is in your heart. So get the Word in and let it be settled.

  1. 1.       Meditate on the Word.

“As a man thinks, so is he.”  Dwell on the Word. Don’t just sit under 100 hours of sermons every year and spend the rest of the year thinking wrong things. Meditate on the Word, meditate on the Lord(Gen24:63) Think about it day and night(Josh 1:8) and your ways will be made prosperous…why …because you will be what you think, you will obey the Word and through faith you will release all of God’s promises from the spirit to the natural.


  1. 2.       Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

For you to walk In the Word you need the revelation of that word in your spirit and the Holy Spirit is the one who reveals Christ (the Word) unto us(John 16:13-14). I tell you once you have your personal revelation of the Word, no one can stop you. You will know it, believe it and walk in it.


PS: Selah, means Pause and think about it. 😉


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