Are you saved? ..uhmmm from what exactly ?

Part one:The bad news : (

“I am saved! I am born again! Praise the Lord! I am a Christian”. These are statements that we hear almost every time we go to church or converse with Christians. It’s almost like the phrases come so easily all the time. The interesting thing however is that if you take the conversation further to find out what it means to be a born again Christian, or from what is a person saved from , there arises various explanations , some of which are not scriptural.

With this week’s two part midweek bite, we will briefly explore what it means to be born again. This is important to note because we will understand who we are, which influences how we live on earth and will also see the need to be born again,which influences how you will reach out to the lost world.

Our story begins in the book of Genesis, where God made Adam (man) and breathed the breath of life into him. (Gen2:7). The life Adam had was the life of every living thing on earth that had breath; man, animals, plants etc. Adam sinned and sin infiltrated through the race of Adam (man) and everyone born was born in the nature of Adam (sinful nature) (Gen 5:3).It is still the case today. That is why Paul said all sinned and fell short of the glory of God(Rom 3:23), and that is why no child on earth is taken to a sinning school to teach them how to do wrong things but they do it from a young age because of their nature of sin. Sin is in the nature more than in the actions.

There is an analogy I like to use, that you cannot force a cat to bark like a dog, and even if it barks by some miracle or chance, it is still not a dog and barking doesn’t come naturally to it. If you want the barking to come naturally, you will have to change the cat into a dog. The same as a man who has been subjected to a sinful nature, living in righteousness doesn’t come naturally to him. We see why the Israelites were unable to keep the righteous laws of God.And I believe there were some who truly desired to keep all of them, like David(Psalm 40:8 NIV) but couldn’t because of their sinful nature. And today,most people who are not born again , try hard to stop doing some things, but they fail.

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). So this meant that the entire human race was destined to the punishment that was meant for the devil, and for every man born on earth there was no escape because the moment you enter earth, washaaa, you already have sin in you. NOW THAT… bad news.

Imagine,being born with a nature that is already judged. BAD NEWS!! And mind you no one asks to be born, and it’s not like you can raise your hand before you are born and say,” You know what, I actually do not want to be born, maybe next time. “

So we all found ourselves, on earth with a sinful nature doomed, controlled by the prince of the power of the air and the course of this world. (Eph 2:2). BAD NEWS!!!!

Man tries to do good, but the sinful nature pulls man down. BAD NEWS!! Man tries to do good, but God still says, those good works of your own righteousness are like filthy rags(because the nature is still sinful!( Isaiah 64:6) BAD NEWS! So what do we do? We really need a saviour, someone to pay this price for our sins. But who can die for us, since we are all guilty??? No one here on earth is qualified, because we are all in the same situation. This is why the Israelites longed for a Messiah, because of all of these bad news.

Tobe cont….in Part 2: The good news

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