Wearing God’s shades


I imagined what it would be like to look at people through God’s eyes, to see what He sees when He looks at every person. I imagined how His unconditional love influenced His view on people and how it in turn ought to influence me and many of His sons on earth because we are the platform through which His view on people is expressed to them.  

My eyes got stuck on this verse, “For God desires for ALL men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of Him”. (1 Tim2:4) So as I walked around, looking at every living person, I began to think to myself, “so God desires for this one to be born again too”, and to the new converts or those who  might be  “messing up”, those that we often judged, I said “So God desires for this one to come to the full knowledge of   Him too”.  Could there ever be anyone to whom God’s love cannot be expressed? Could there be anyone who did not deserve my kindness, help, love or ministry?  If the God, whom I am one with through Jesus sees everyone with the eyes of love, so much so that His heart pains at the death of an unbeliever (Ezekiel 33:11), yet at times its a norm to celebrate the death of an evil man, I thought, I also ought to walk like Him.

I looked into the eyes of a certain man on the street, as I listened to His story of how he ended up on the street, and I realised this, the devil is wicked and has shown no love at all to that man and that he doesn’t need anymore shunning from a child of love Himself, the light and the source of Gods love on earth that can be his only chance to experience God’s love

So I prayed, “Holy Spirit, the expression of Gods love through me is the manifestation of Your character in me……the fruit of being immersed in You, May I learn to walk with you so as to love unconditionally and see people through the eyes of the loving God”

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