Love that knows no man after the flesh

Meet Mr Forget, a teacher who spends the entire lecture period telling students how much he knows the subject, who gets amazed that the students do not understand the subject and only wants those who know the subject to his level to speak with him. Meet Miss Conditional, the lady who only ever wants to associate herself with people who have achieved ‘something’ in life or are of a certain portfolio. No dropouts, car-less people, foreigners, fashion-challenged people in her inner circle. Both Mr Forget and Miss Conditional are members of the local Christian church.

Amazing how Mr Forget seems to have forgotten, that he was once at a point where he did not know the subject (revelation), and had to be taught and grow in the subject until a level of understanding. Amazing! He gets surprised that the students (who are people who do not know the subject and need to be taught), do not know the subject and he boasts of his knowledge, instead of teaching. Amazing how conditions are placed around Miss Conditional’s love towards the people she meets on an everyday base. A-ma-zing!

This, as funny as it may seem, is the way we find ourselves behaving in the church today. Those who know better, blast those who do not know, instead of helping them in knowledge. These days we can’t even tell a fellow Christian that we are struggle with something because you will be shunned. Tribalism, xenophobic behaviours and comments do we see more and more these days from our fellow sisters and brothers. Christians choosing friends or life partners according to job titles, looks, number of degrees, bank balance only. Ministers only ministering to those who can afford to pay them. Mr Forget and Miss Conditional.

Paul spoke of such when he said “Who made you superior to others? Didn’t God give you everything you have?  Well, then, how can you boast, as if what you have were not a gift?” (1 Cor 4:7), and to some he said “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh…” (2 Cor 5:16). One thing that can help us as God’s children is to walk in love. Such behaviours do not portray the love of God within us and to the world. Paul speaks of love as one that does not boast. It is patient, it does not dishonour others, always protects. He says even if he might speak all mysteries and have all the knowledge in the world, but if he doesn’t love, he is nothing.

God has called us to love one another and be ministers of love to the world. Jesus said the world will know that we are His when we love each other, not looking down on each other. When you love someone, you want the best for them; you believe in them so much and see a better person in them than what they currently are. Love transcends all racial, economic and social boundaries. God is love, and we love and ought to love because He freely loved us first when we were at our lowest point ever.



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