Peaches and Cream

I once visited a dear  friend of mine for lunch in the early years of my varsity days. At that time, we were not really close and the lunch  date served as a platform for us to get to know each other. It was the first time sharing a meal together. She went out of her way to prepare what I can confidently classify as a very delicious meal that made me know immediately that she is a good cook. When time for desert came, she pulled out a bowl of peaches and cream made especially for me.


Now, while all of you readers might have a mouth full of saliva at the thought of peaches and cream, I had to sadly tell my friend I cannot eat her desert. Those who know me will tell you I eat everything except for peaches. From a young age my body reacted badly from eating, touching or even smelling peaches. I have since been recently healed from that but at the time of the visit to my friend, I was still terribly allergic.

I had highlighted to my friend before the lunch when she asked me if there is anything I do not eat, that I do not eat peaches, but I guess somehow the message did not get through or it got twisted.


That incident taught me something about how we serve God in the things He has called us to do.

  1. Often times God tells us to do some things and we go on our way to do other things, that we think are good for Him, our very own peaches and cream , and even though we spend effort on those things, sacrificing our time and resources to do the things we feel will be pleasing to God, and the end of the day it is not what God wants us to do.  Obedience is way better that sacrifice.
  2. The more you spend time with God , the more you will know more of Him and do what pleases Him.
  3. You may make mistakes at the beginning , but God still appreciates you , and He will reveal Himself to you , so that you can know Him more so as to enable you to please Him. Just keep at it.


There is no other way of knowing a person and what it takes to please a person if you do not spend time with the person. Your major purpose on earth is to function as God wants you to function, and that can only be known through communion with Him. (1 Cor 2:10)


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