The confused body

Have you ever tried write a note with a pen stuck in your ear and your ear successfully controlling the pen?  Ever tried tasting your favourite dish by smearing it on your legs? Please visit me if you have because you are one special person. All of these sound ridiculous, right? You are probably thinking, is she crazy?  While all of these might seem ridiculous, it is exactly what the body of Christ is doing in this day and age.

 We have eyes that are trying to talk, ears that want to walk, legs that want to write and shoulders that want to taste. While some functions can be tried by some body parts, like a mouth can try to hold a pen and write, you will find that it is not the most comfortable nor effective way of doing things. Such a mouth cannot thrive in that function and will end up frustrated .

 God has made us part of His body and has given us all a specific role to play. (1 Cor 12:12) It is important to know what we are called for and function there in, whether it is in the market place, church, community etc. Quit trying to be like everybody else. An ear can only carry so much physical load , stop using it to carry bricks and use it to listen.

 God has given each one of us a gift to serve each other ( 1 Peter 4 : 10 ). My inability to function in the body of Christ affects those I am meant to serve. Who is supposed carry the church forward if the legs are trying to sing? Who is encouraging us if the mouth is taking “ how to see” lessons?

 The parts that function well do so for the glory of God and the benefit of the body of Christ.  No one can stand and shine alone. If a man is crippled, no one says,” Oh, look! He has such nice ears and ultrasonic hearing”  The focus will be on his legs. The eyes cannot stand out and say,” I am the best body part ever! I do not need all the others to dent my swag” Well, let’s see if you can walk from point A to B then.  

 Each body part is unique and important. It is there to serve the body and to bring glory to God. Pray to God to make your purpose clear and receive His grace, divine enablement to function in your purpose. 

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