Do you know Amahle? The cute young Chinese girl who speaks Zulu? Do check her out if you haven’t seen her, she is very cute.

One look at that video and I knew this one thing for sure; Amahle grew up or is growing up around Zulu speaking people. I am confident of that fact.   She was not born Zulu, obviously. but because she has surrounded herself with Zulu speaking people, she talks like them.

Did you know, that we can tell the type of people you surround yourself with by how you behave or talk? It happens. Sometimes we find that friends laugh in the same manner, not because they were both born laughing that way, but one of them rubbed of something to the other. 

Let me take it further- Did you know that it is impossible for you to be with God and we not know it? The way you smell, talk, handle yourself, the mountains that melt around you simply because mountains melt in God’s presence show us that you have been with God.  Did you know, that the joy you portray in the midst of trial and tribulation, the peace and patience you have in your dealings, the love and self-control practiced show us that you have deep communion with the Holy Spirit? Yes, because those are His inherent characteristics and they rub off on all that have the sweet hanging out moment with Him, they also bear the fruit.

Creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.  Manifestation is something that is clear to the eye. Creation wants to see God in us and through us-people that walk and portray Him.  Let us spend the time with God; you won’t have to announce that you have been with God… We will see it.

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