For Him or for ministry?

I have come to realize in my relatively short time (yesJ) on earth, that there is a thin line between living for ministry and living for God.  I believe for most parts I thought, that living for ministry was the be all and end all of matters with God. But little did I see the little traps that come with it. Reading the bible to get insight just so you can share it and never really for oneself. Spending time with God so you can be charged up for ministry and seldom spending time with Him because He is. So much can be said on this matter. 

So I had a little silly thought; what if the way I relate with God now is the way I would relate with Him when I exit earth. Imagine. It would be weird. There would be no sick people to heal nor people to disciple, no  rent to pay nor husband to look out for…or wait for …:) and being used to Him from a ministry’s point of view I wouldn’t even know what to say to Him. What an awkward moment it would be. #ThatAwkwardMoment

So I asked Him, and He said “There is no way you would know Me intimately and not want to do my work on earth (ministry), look at Jesus. So if you live for Me, with Me and know Me for Me , you will inevitable do my work(ministry) in all areas of life that I have allowed you to function in and you will do it  from My heart’s point of view and I will provide for it, and in that way , you will not be like some of the people in Matthew 7: 22 who did My work(ministry) from their perspectives but did not KNOW me intimately, for Me. “

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