Mr Next2me

​Meet Mr Next2me. He is the person next to you who seems to appear everywhere in your daily walk on earth. This is the person who comes to your mind when you feel a bubbling in your  spirit and want to raise your hand in church, dance and give God glory.  Just before you roll on the floor in holy jubilation Mr Next2me pops in you mind and you withdraw and continue in a normal composed manner and quench that which is within.

As you walk the streets and the Spirit of God urges you to talk to that someone about Christ, lay hands on that limping stranger or give that begger something, Mr Next2me is quick to remind you of all the opinions he has about people who do such things. Because you value Mr Next2me’s opinion  and want to fit in, you walk past as though nothing is happening on the inside, quenching what’s within.

What about at work, or school or church or any area in life where God has placed you  to function.  Everytime you get an idea to do or say something , Mr Next2me lowers his glasses and intimidates you. What  happens next is you sit back and hold back what is in you, because Mr Next2me might crush your ideas.

Off we go, leaving planet earth and here we are standing in front of the Giver of life to account for all we have done. Your turn comes to go in and ….oh my….where is Mr Next2me? You are alone in His presence and Mr Next2me, who has influenced every move you made on earth is no where to be seen. Oh! What a tragedy as God asks you what you did with all the gifts,talents He gave you and you didn’t do anything because you were intimidated by people and their opinions of you.

Decide today, I will not allow any Mr Next2me to influence what I do. I will not be intimidated by man. I will walk and work in the grace and giftings that God has put in me. I will stir up the gift in me and use it to my utmost best to benefit the world because God has not given me the spirit of intimidation but of power love and a sound mind.​

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