Daniel’s Mr Next2me

​Remember Mr Next2me? If you missed him do not worry, you can refer back to him here https://tshidiamu.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/mr-next2me/

Everybody faces a Mr Next2me at one point or another, Daniel did as well. Coming into Babylon he was faced with pressure from both the Babylonians and fellow Israelites who came into exile with him. How did he manage to withstand all the intimidation that came his way?

The first thing I noticed about Daniel was his name and its meaning; “God is my judge.” See, for one to be free from being mastered by man’s opinions, one has to know who their master is no matter the situation and position in life and resolve it in their hearts to live for them.

Daniel resolved in his heart that God and God alone is his judge so he resolved to live for and please Him. Fellow Israelites with Mr Next2me tendencies might have told him, “ Daniel, there is no use being different, we are in exile anyway, just do as they say in case you endanger all of us”. Babylonians gave him a reason to be intimidated him and said,” If you worship your God we will throw you in the lions’ den”. Because Daniel made God his judge and not man, everything he did was for God’s pleasing, even in his work in government, there was no corruption found in him and God used him mightily because he did not bow down to any intimidation.

“Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, we ought to obey God rather than men.”-Acts 5:29​

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