I am Grace.

baby walk

I want to take you to a scene where a young child learns how to walk. Do you have that picture in your mind? Of him taking the first few steps enthusiastically so and then falling on the ground? What is the parent doing at that time? “Come on baby, get back up, you can do this.” Does the parent get angry about the fact that the child fell on his bum? Not at all! But does the parent want to see the baby keep falling down until he is 21? Not at all!  If he keeps at it then there is a problem.

Most of the believers take me, Grace, as just that cover up for all the mistakes and ungodliness they are living in. All so well, God forgives, God restores, and I, Grace definitely understand your weakness. God is that parent that does not get angry when you fall because you are learning to walk, but He is also that parent that wants you to learn how to walk. My primary purpose as Grace in your life is to help you, cause you to live a holy life.(Titus2:11-12) This God that you serve said, “Be Holy as I am Holy”, and has provided me to you to help you live in that holiness, help you transform into the character and imagine of Jesus Christ, your Lord. It is possible; otherwise He wouldn’t have charged you to do it.

Paul spoke about me to the Galatians, that they were saved by Me, Grace, but tried to continue living holy with their own works. You can’t do that, you will frustrate me. (Galatians 2:21). To the Roman church he asked, “Do we continue sinning so that grace abounds?” Absolutely not! I am not your excuse to sin; I am your way out of a sinful life.  If you will allow me to help you in your life, you know what it is to not have sin have dominion over you. (Romans 6:14), for you will be living under my influence. I am grace, and you cannot live this holy life you ought to live without me.

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  1. Thanks Tshidi for giving me this wonderful reminder of the Grace that keeps my Christian Walk in tact.

    May the Lord increase your territory.

    Kind Regards, Lerato

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