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I was having a conversation the other day with one of my little sisters and as she was telling me about some of the things that she was facing, I shared with her instances where I went through similar things and how God came through for me. Talking about those occurrences was meant to encourage her, but because I went into my archives of what God had done for me before, I was in turn encouraged and given more hope to know that the same God who helped me then, can help me now with the things I am going through.

It is very important to remember the things that God has done for you. It will bring refreshment to your soul. Many times we focus on the negative things that are happening around us that we forget how good God has been to us. The children of Israel were commanded to set up memorials and to also tell every generation of the great works of God; that was for a purpose. Have you ever heard a married someone say they don’t even remember why they got married to their or what they loved about them in the first place? It is because over time they stopped thinking about the good things and the memory got blurry.

Take time out to think and write down what God has done for you. Surely if He miraculously paid your first year fees He can do the same for your PHD? Remember what the Lord has done for you.

A friend of mine has a  Facebook page where people are sharing their testimonies for the glory of God; surely if He can do these great things for them He can do it for you. Check it out and be encouraged.

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  1. This is absolutely true. Reminds me of one of my favourite passages from the Bible, Psalm 77. It speaks of a heart that is deeply distressed and is unable to find comfort in anything.

    Then the writer remembers the olden days when God showed favour and he feels encouraged once more.

    It’s true that when you reminisce on the good that God has done in the past even the present’s troubles no longer seem like mountains.


  2. Hi Ausi Tshi,

    Please give me your availability in the week of the 15th June or the 22nd of June 2015.06.04 We wanted to organise a goodbye for you ☺

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