You count.

you count

Dear reader

Today I would like to write to you, not to tell you of something you do not already know, but to rather remind you of the reality of what lies within you.  Do you ever get overwhelmed at the number of people that exist on earth? I know I do sometimes. We are so, so many. You will feel this when you are in a traffic jam, try apply for a job and they tell you 2000 people applied for it or when trying register late at a tertiary institution and the queues are unbelievable.  I walk down the street and walk past hundreds of people and think to myself; they all have a story, they all have journey and they are all here on earth, like me.  It is easy to get swallowed up in the crowds of life and forget that, despite the billions of people on earth, you are an individual with a great purpose that has to be fulfilled.

Every product that passes a quality check at a factory and finds itself on the shelf serves a purpose to the person who is going to buy it. One packet of chips might end up at a kiddie’s party while another in the hands of a movie watcher.  There may be thousands of packets of chips but each and every packet will be useful somewhere and to someone. Each one counts.

You and I have found ourselves on the shelf of this life on earth. God has given us this chance to be here on earth and has given us a mission. We have gone through the nine month in our mother’s wombs and made it alive. If you are reading this then you are still alive.  I challenge you today, step out of the crowds of mediocrity. You do not have to hide behind everyone else; you do not have to be like everyone else. There has to be something in you that only you can offer to this world and those around you. Refuse to believe that you are just a number here on earth. You Count. Arise and shine.

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