Stay in your lane

Dear you

Thought I should share with you a blog post I wrote for the Authentic Woman Project ( ). Be Blessed !


Now and then, I watch Olympic Games.  I take particular interest in races Caster Semenya is part of – she is an incredible runner, and a home-girl; everyone from Limpopo is. Without fail, every single time she runs, she sticks to her lane. You do not need to understand forces of impact or Physics to picture what would happen should any of those high speed runners collide because one of them decided to haphazardly floor-cross along the track – disaster!

So, what causes us to jump around in other people’s lanes? Could it be, that from where we stand, our own lanes don’t look levelled enough? Perhaps, we believe our own lanes are made of hard, spiky concrete and theirs made of marble, thus enabling them to slide through easier in life

Contentment! By contentment, I do not mean being satisfied with the bare minimum or the mediocre in your life, taking whatever life throws at you; uh-uh! I am talking about realising and knowing who and where you are in life. Do you know yourself? What are your weaknesses? What do you loathe? Pause and think about it. I am talking about understanding that you are unique and that you have your own gift, path, challenges and story to tell.

I am Tshidi, and I do not wish to be any other person. There are a lot of women and men who inspire me, but I do not have to leave my lane to run in theirs. I am me – flaws, mind, body, strengths and all.  Above all, I am who Christ says I am. It is from this point of contentment, that I can start working on me.

There is a saying that goes,” The grass is greener on the other side”. I have found one that makes more sense to me; “The grass is greener where it is watered”. How beautiful our grasses would be, if we all accepted who and what we have been given, and water our patches. Wouldn’t that allow us to know us better? Improve ourselves because we would know who we are? Let’s do us!

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