Keep on driving.



Remember when you first drove a car? Most of us were scared and hoped we could be the only ones on the road just to relief the pressure of having to look out for other motorists. Remember how the car “cut” most of the time when you were supposed to pull off from the traffic lights and how your foot would feel like it needs surgery after 20 minutes of clutch control and your ears from other drivers hooting at you for… rolling? But look at you now, you have forgotten about all of this. You are probably one of those who flick lights at cars doing 120km/h on the fast lane because you say they are slow and should move out of the way. You can drive whenever, wherever and can probably pull a “hand-brake turn”(Spin the car). You probably no longer say a little prayer before you turn on the ignition.

Life will not always be at the same level. We grow, we learn and we become better. There are things stressing you today because you feel like you cannot do them or you are not yet good at. It can be tasks at your new work or a software you need to use to get your degree. The trick is to do it a lot, just like you had to drive a lot to get used to it. One day you will be so good at it that you can even do it in your sleep. Don’t give up now.

I remember in my first year, we had to learn a CAD program called ProEng. It seemed so difficult I would have to pray myself to those sessions. One day on my way to one of the session I bumped into one of my brothers from SCF who was ahead of me doing the same course. He asked how it was going and I said, ” Eish, I am still learning as I don’t know a thing”. He then said, ” One day you will know this program like you know how to write with a pen” Those words encouraged me. I couldn’t wait to get to that point. Getting there wasn’t easy but it finally happened because I used it everyday for four years.  Life will not always be at the same level. As long as you do not lose the desire the grow, you are still on the right track. Keep at it. Those who are masters of something today, also started somewhere.

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