Goodbye Egyptians

1_t4wz_sfojt3rpgzcynrabg@2xThe year 2018 seems to have been an interesting year for most people I know, more challenging than anything else. That seemed to be the prevalent theme in most people’s journeys. For some, it was also a life changing year where a number of life changing decisions or steps were made; where milestones where met and goals achieved. It was an eventful year.

I do not know what about the year made most people feel like that, or if it had to do with the year in itself but whatever it may be, we still need to look back into our own journeys and reflect on what has been and how to take things forward.

Today I want to write to those who saw some Egyptians on their journey through 2018. It is very easy to expect the same Egyptians to come your way when you try to do the same thing you tried to do and failed. It is very easy to limit your faith and hope this time around and “guard” your heart in case you bump into those Egyptians again, thus not fully trusting God, again, for that “failed” situation.

“The Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more.” How about we start the year 2019 with this; Goodbye Egyptians.  Let us believe that the Egyptians we saw the last year, we will not see again this year. We might meet other things on the way that also come to challenge us in certain way, but lets believe that we shall not fail the same way we failed this past year. Let us not depend on the fact that we are stronger or wiser but depend on the grace of God.

May God journey with you into 2019 as we continue together on this blog to share stories that help us in our everyday christian living.

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