What are you thinking?

Someone once said, “Thoughts are previews of future attractions.” I don’t quite remember who but I do remember these words sticking to my mind. Thoughts are very powerful. Whatever you spend your time focusing on, replaying in your mind or entertaining has a way of appearing in your actions. Fear uses thoughts to gain power over a person. Faith also grows through meditation…which is practically thinking about something over and over again-in this case, the Word of God.

Give attention to the things you think about, because they have the power to influence your actions. You cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from laying eggs on your head. Thoughts might pop into your mind because of things you see, hear, experience etc. But that doesn’t mean you need to entertain the thoughts until they have built a hold over you, enough to produce a fuel that will drive action. Here is a godly checklist – think of such things for peaceful living.

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