Then and now- 23 June

(our situation won’t be like this forever, God will change it)

“Seemo  sa rena se ka se dule se le bjale, Morena o tla se fetola”

23 June 2018 I held the lifeless body of my daughter after 28 hours of labour and an hour of delivery, who we later had to bury- proper select coffin,fetch body, dig in cemetery grown up stuff kinda burial. Nothing could have prepared us for it and for the pain the hit mind,body and soul. When Lucas sang this song at his recording,which was my first time out of bed after the ordeal, I received the Rhema word in my spirit. Today, 23 June  2019, a year later, both my arms are carrying a baby, two beautiful girls. God turned our mourning into joy and added to our story…added congratulations to the ” Im sorrys”.  I honestly would have just preferred we not go through it at all,you know? But we did and it is our story….and God has used it to encourage a lot of people. Will your story be the same? No. It might take a year or ten,or you end up with something else, but whatever happens, God always always works things out for your good. Trust Him to do you good. Trust Him with your story.

Visit When God Makes Dreams Come True (Facebook page)  for more encouraging testimonies that encouraged us.

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