Hope amidst uncertainties.

When Themba was in matric, hopes and dreams were easy to have because he hadn’t experienced the difficulties of this world. He hadn’t failed a course as yet, hadn’t been sent a, “ we regret to inform you that…” unsuccessful letter from that company he had always dreamed of working for. Dreams- they became even harder to create. Thoughts now riddled with fears and doubts of whether or not he would make it in life. Is this what they called “a real life”? A life that was now not so mapped out like the 12 years of his foundational schooling. Back then he knew what would come next. Now he has to create a life for himself amidst all these uncertainties. How does he rise, after the earth has spun a kick on his chest? Somewhere, somehow, hope has to rise, because without hope he cannot pull himself up to a brighter future.


“I know the plans I have for you….to give you a future you hope for”

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