Stranger in my home


Things are no longer the same. The other day I had a dream that got me thinking about the state of things in the era we are living in. I remember bits and pieces of it but the main thing was how I was approached by two gentlemen at a mall. Initially they were wearing casual clothes and they then changed into suits. They introduced themselves and narrated how they traveled from another province to minister at a conference in Pretoria and hadn’t arranged accommodation and approached me to ask that we accommodate them for the night. Now, these were strangers and in the dream it concluded with me telling them I was going to call my husband and talk to him about this – weird, because it meant I had actually considered it.  Such a thing is not uncommon to me; growing up in a pastoral home I have seen many people being accommodated, strangers and acquaintances alike. But is this something people can still today?

We are living in times where people are no longer free to give anyone a ride on the road because you can open up your car to help a stranded looking female on the road only to find that four men are hiding in the bushes and they hijack you. We will definitely have questions in our minds when you have to accommodate a strangers; what if they wake up in the middle of the night, mutilates your entire family and loots everything you own? Let us pause a bit on strangers, we are finding it hard to accommodate people we know. We say things like, “…people can’t just rock up at our homes unannounced to visit, let alone sleepover.” Our kids do not know what it is like to sleep on the couch so that a visitor can sleep in their room. Makes me wonder if the scriptures about being hospitable to strangers and to one another had an expiry date.  How do you do that while also practicing caution and not opening yourself up to danger. The times we live in. Where do we draw the line?

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  1. Yhuu Tshidi!🤦🏿‍♀️ Scriptures are never going to expire that’s for sure but Yhuu the way things are setup in our world 😭 ..Holy Spirit is our only hope to give us proper direction instantly at that point to make an informed decision and we must be sure we hear Him clearly not our feelings but yhuu Ke ye thata taba ye

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