Is this the kind of thing You do?

Growing up in a christian family,  the idea of trusting God for something was not at all foreign to me. When one was sick, often times you would hear the words, ” Let us pray for you.” or ” We will pray for them.” more than you would anything other thing.  We had the assurance that by His stripes we are healed. When you were about to start exams, you would pray and believe that God will be with you during the exams and help you pass. It seemed like something God was in the business of doing since He did it for almost everyone.

From this, and from my experiences into adulthood, I realise that it is very easy to trust God for things that are easy and are a “common blessing” to all man. The difficulty comes when you have to trust God for something you are not even sure if it is something He does. Can God definitely lead your wayward child into salvation or repentance? Does it not also depend on his willingness to accept Christ? Can God lead your husband to be born again now that you are born again? Should you pray and have definite faith that it will happen or you pray and hope for the best? Can God lead your cheating wife to repentance and to change? Or does it depend on them as well and how remorseful they are?  That colleague at work who is dead set against Christ, when you pray for them to be born again, are you hoping for the best or do you have absolute faith they WILL get born again. The list is endless but it mainly has to do with praying for someone else to change – can God answer your prayer in that regard, can you have a definite cast in stone faith that this is something God does- or do you pray and hope for the best to happen to them?

How different is this from trusting God for healing? There is a scripture, “By His stripes we are healed.”  You can stand in your stubborn faith for this. For the other kinds of question, should we ask –  Is this the kind of thing You would do? Do you do your part of prayer and allow God to work as He pleases?


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  1. Is this the kind of thing You would do? Do you do your part of prayer and allow God to work as He pleases?
    If I had read this or you asked this last year I was probably going to say No or I would have lied and said Yes just to make you think I’m a strong christian.
    Things are different now as I have come to realize that trusting in God means believing in every word He says even if I don’t know what’s going to happen. Especially in those issues where I think the other party’s contribution is probably important. God wants us to trust Him completely witholding nothing. Why ask Him if you still doubt? You ask but you don’t receive because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures. Ask from a sincere heart, ask by faith, ask because what you asking for is for His glory.
    So in response to your question s I calm myself down…Yes this is the kind of thing I do.

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